Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We Can Still Have Fun Times in Hard Times

It seems like these days no matter where you go everyone is taking notice of the rising gas prices. Even the people residing in smaller places like Winthrop, Washington ( the home of our own, Pine Near RV Park ), are effected by the frustrating obligation to empty their wallets every time the need arises to fill up. With the way the economy is today, many people have no choice but to get creative with their transportation methods.

So whether your an avid "RV'er" or dream of someday traveling around in your own home-on-wheels, the appeal seems to drift further and further away from your  financial reality.
So what are we to do? Can we still have some fun times in today's hard times?

The answer I've found is yes.

With a little research you can find the RV that's right for your life style and financial situation. According to an article I found online, (linked here: http://ezinearticles.com/?Best-RV-MPG&id=1401752) you can own a number of class B or C RVs with a higher end of 22 miles per gallon. This is better than many trucks and SUVs on today's market. 

So just when you think all hope is lost for fun in these hard times, This is your friends at the Pine Near RV Park reminding you to think again! And telling you, you still CAN have fun in today's economy- you just have to look for the right opportunities.

When your out traveling this year, make the Pine Near RV Park one of your destinations - We cant wait to visit with you!

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