Thursday, December 6, 2012

Decorate your RV or Travel Trailer for Christmas! Ho Ho on the Go!

Here are some hints and tips I picked up on various sites on Christmas decorating in RV's and Trailers. Check them out and let us know if you have any to add!
  • Use your holiday decorations. No sense in them sitting in storage collecting dust. And those pretty candles - light them, smell the cinnamon, that's what they're for!
  • Bake Gingerbread and other festive smelling treats.  They will make your RV smell great! You don't have to eat them, gift them!
  • Look beyond an item's intended purpose. Give your pet an adorable stuffed reindeer toy for the Christmas season. 
  • Keep tradition. Hang stockings and small versions of whatever you did previous to your RV life. Pin stocking to the curtains. Or, screw  small cup hooks to the underside of the overhead cabinets and hang your stockings in a row.
  • Have a focal point, like a small Tree or Christmas Quilt.
  • Use tree ornaments as wall hangings. 
  • Use free decorations. A basket of evergreen branches (trimmings picked up at a tree lot) or pine cones from the park,  tied with a red ribbon looks festive on the counter. Nice scent too!
  • Decorate with things meant to disappear, like seasonal fruit, nuts and candies.
  • Hang a wreath from your grill.
  • Embellish the outside of your RV with sparkly Christmas lights. Let everyone enjoy your Christmas Cheer.
  • Drape your Dish Network or Direct TV tripod with your old Christmas Tree Skirt! (I love that one!)
  • Create a mood. Play seasonal music - carols, fun childhood favorites, and new renditions by artists. Answer the phone with, "Merry Christmas!" And sometimes, in the dark of evening,  just watch the twinkling of tiny lights on your Christmas tree and think about why it is that we celebrate Christmas in the first place. 
  • ...And don't forget the Candy Canes :o)
Check out these decorating ideas:


  1. ABSOLUTELY SUBLIME!!! Thanks for sharing this idea and surely we will be having fun making our own..

  2. It’s beautiful.
    We’re pulling out everything today and starting to deck the halls. 🙂

    Gretta Hewson
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