Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tiny Trailer Camping

Are you worried about the amount of fuel you'd burn pulling a big travel trailer around?  Wondering where you'd store it when you are not using it...  Don't have a truck...

Consider a Tiny Trailer.  Teardrop camp trailers are lightweight and can be towed behind a fuel efficient car!  Our friends over at Tiny Trailer make a cozy cabin for two with hard sides that will shelter you from storms and allow you to comfortably sleep in bear country.  :o)  They have full length storage underneath for fly rods and camping gear.  The trailers are made with an efficient camp kitchen that has a pull out cook stove at a comfortable working height.  You can stand up under rear hatch, sheltered from the sun or rain while preparing meals.

Take a minute and check out the Tiny Trailer website. Tiny Trailers is locally owned and environmentally conscience.  What's not to love!

P.S. There's a chance you can request a lower price at RV Parks and Campgrounds since Jack's Tiny Trailers don't take up a lot of space.  It never hurts to ask!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thinking of RV'ing in the Winter?

While most RVers head south for the winter some can and do enjoy the cold and the snow. Imagine yourself in the Methow!  You could afford-ably ski, snowshoe, snowmobile and more all winter!

If you plan to spend extended time in places like Winthrop that get below freezing for more than a few hours at night, here are a few things you should know:

1.  Choose the right RV: Most RVs are not made for cold weather. The amount of insulation does matter and the four-season rigs come with double-pane windows and heated basement compartments. If you are still looking, join RV Consumer Group to find out the rating of RVs you are considering.

2.  Winterize your rig: If you are living in your RV in a place like this, you can take some measures to keep the heat in and protect your RV. Put skirting in the form of bales of hay, boards or other material around the bottom of the rig. This will keep the bottom warmer and lessen the likelihood of your tanks freezing. You can put plastic or aluminum foil over windows and skylights to keep heat in. If your tank compartment isn’t heated, add a light bulb you can leave on in below freezing temperatures.

3.  Reduce condensation: When your rig is closed up tight, condensation develops, particularly from using propane. Keep a vent or jalousie window slightly cracked. Open cupboards and closets to let air circulation. Invest in a dehumidifier.

4.  Disconnect your hoses: Fill your internal water tank and disconnect your hose so the hose doesn’t freeze. Attach it only to fill the tank. You can use heat tape, but make sure that will be adequate. Ideally the faucet should freeze-proof or self-draining and the hose needs to be removed for it to drain. Attach the sewage hose only when time to dump. Prop the hose so it flows at an angle the entire way from RV to opening in the ground.

5.  Heating solutions: For long stays, get a larger propane tank that can be filled by a local company. It will be less expensive and easier than filling small RV tanks. Install a catalytic or ceramic heater. They are more efficient, though you’ll need a slight crack for air. You can also purchase electric heaters, though you’ll have to see whether propane or electric heaters are less expensive to run if you are paying for the electricity.

If you are a skier, you may be able to find a Workamping position near the ski trails or slopes!

There is no reason you can’t spend time in extremes if you are prepared for it.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ever think about living in your RV or Travel Trailer full time?

Ever think about living in your RV or Travel Trailer full time?

Currently, there are thousands upon thousands of Full-Timers on the road (some people report over a million). Though statistics show that the majority of them are retired couples over the age of fifty, the demographics are changing rapidly.

Singles, couples, and families of all ages and income levels are giving up their traditional lifestyles to hit the road. Many Full-Timers have been RVers or campers for years before going Full-Time, but more and more people are becoming Full-Timers with no RV experience whatsoever - like us.  Look at the Benefits!

  • Experience Nature
  • Pursue Adventure
  • Travel North America
  • Re-Connect With Loved Ones (Or Really Connect For The First Time)
  • Meet Kind, Interesting People
  • Find Solace, Peace, And Maybe Even A Little Spirituality
  • Escape High Stress Jobs, Concrete Jungles, And Societal Pressures
  • Teach Their Children In A Controlled, Real Life, Environment
  • And seriously ~~ Save some money!

    Intrigued? Want to explore further? Let's see if Full-Timing is something you want to pursue. Click on the link below if you'd like learn more.
  • And of course, make the Pine Near RV Park one of your stops.  Stay as long as you'd like ;o)

    Monday, January 23, 2012

    Pine Near RV Park and Campground has a Blog!

    Hello out there!

    Welcome to Pine Near RV Park's blog spot.  We hope to keep you updated on our remodel progress and share interesting tips to help you with your RV, Camp Trailer, Tent Trailer, to enhance your camping experience in the Methow Valley and beyond!

    First, a little about the Pine Near... 

    The Pine Near is a small, unique, private and modern park.  Established in 1972, modernized in 2012 by local new owners (that'd be us), the Pine Near has 40 years of happy overnighters and long term guests.  Our intimate setting lends itself towards neighbors gathering if they choose or enjoying some peace if they'd rather.  Many lasting friendships and memories have been formed at the Pine Near.

    Guests can safely leave their RV parked and take an easy walk to Downtown Winthrop.  This is a near priceless amenity as downtown Winthrop is extremely popular, making parking a challenge.  Winthrop is packed with one-of-a-kind shops run by local artists, craftsmen and interesting pardners! You must not miss it!

    Check out our new website:

    Also, check  out the chamber of commerce's website for all things Methow!