Thursday, May 17, 2012

We have Morel Mushrooms at the Pine Near!

Morel Mushrooms are here at the Pine Near!

 The Morel Mushroom is one of the most delicious, edible and desirable genus of acsocarp (mushroom with a fruiting body) mushrooms. The Morel Mushroom is on the " Most Wanted" List for outdoor enthusiasts. They are not only appetizing but enjoyable to hunt and easy to prepare.  Morel Mushrooms are most commonly found in damp areas in the the spring months, however, they can grow in numerous locations.

There are numerous ways to cut, prepare and eat Morel Mushrooms however the "King of Morel Recipes" is the Crispy Mushroom Fry.

Prepping your mushrooms is very important, soak the Morels in saltwater for one hour to kill any insects and cleanse. Refrigerate until ready for use.

Morels, sliced in half length wise
4 eggs; beaten
2 Cups flour (bread crumbs or panko bread crumbs if you want them extra crispy)
2 Tablespoons of butter
Salt and Pepper to taste

In a large bowl, roll the sliced Morels in butter until fully covered

In a separate bowl mix together dry ingredients (flour or bread crumbs and your salt and pepper to taste).

Dip the egg covered Morels in the flour or bread crumbs, make sure every surface of the mushroom is covered.

In a large skillet melt the butter on Medium-High heat, fry the Morels until brown and crispy on all sides. It's best to fry the Morels in small batches to ensure you don't over crowd your skillet and that the mushrooms are cooked thoroughly.

Repeat this process until your so full, you can't take another bite or until all Morels are gone.

Although this recipe doesn't list the exact amount of Morels to use; just adjust the recipe by adding more eggs and butter until the all the Morels are gone; which will be much sooner than you want!

Thanks to our friends at we found this easy and delicious recipe. For the Top 10 Morel recipes click the link above.


Come visit and stay at the Pine Near for your next outdoor adventure and experience Morel Mushrooms first hand.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Winthrop Has So Much to Offer

If you need a reason to get away this summer check out Winthrop.
As I was browsing the internet, I came across this article (linked here: and it reminded me of why Winthrop is such a nice place to stay. No matter who you are, you can be sure to find something you like to do in Winthrop. If you like to stay active you can choose from tons of different sports such as rock climbing, water rafting, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking. Even in the winter there are plenty of ways to stay busy such as, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, and snow shoeing. If you want to get away to relax, you can take a nice walk through down town and look at all of the different neat shops they have to offer. You could also take a scenic drive down the beautiful back roads of the Methow Valley. There are plenty of nice restaurants right in town to enjoy. Including a couple of places to get an ice cream cone and some candy in the summer.
If you come to visit Winthrop this year we hope you'll stay at the Pine Near RV Park. Sitting only one block above Main Street you'll have easy access to all Winthrop has to offer.

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Need A Convenient Place to Stay for '49er Days?

Will you be visiting Winthrop for their annual '49er Days Parade this year? Need a close-by place to stay?
The Pine Near RV Park is the perfect place for you, your family and friends to stay during your visit.
This campground is located just one block above Main Street in Winthrop where the parade will be taking place! Talk about VIP Access! Avoid the hassle of trying to find a place to park, if you stay at the Pine Near, you can just walk right down!
Bring your RV or bring your tents. Tent sites are only 15 dollars a night!

The '49er Days Parade will be May 12th, and will be starting at 11am on Main Street.

Stay a couple extra days and enjoy all of the neat on goings during the '49er Days, May 11th-13th.

For more information on this years '49er Days activities please go to Winthrop's website:

We look forward to your company during '49er Days this year! - Your friends at the Pine Near RV Park.

We Can Still Have Fun Times in Hard Times

It seems like these days no matter where you go everyone is taking notice of the rising gas prices. Even the people residing in smaller places like Winthrop, Washington ( the home of our own, Pine Near RV Park ), are effected by the frustrating obligation to empty their wallets every time the need arises to fill up. With the way the economy is today, many people have no choice but to get creative with their transportation methods.

So whether your an avid "RV'er" or dream of someday traveling around in your own home-on-wheels, the appeal seems to drift further and further away from your  financial reality.
So what are we to do? Can we still have some fun times in today's hard times?

The answer I've found is yes.

With a little research you can find the RV that's right for your life style and financial situation. According to an article I found online, (linked here: you can own a number of class B or C RVs with a higher end of 22 miles per gallon. This is better than many trucks and SUVs on today's market. 

So just when you think all hope is lost for fun in these hard times, This is your friends at the Pine Near RV Park reminding you to think again! And telling you, you still CAN have fun in today's economy- you just have to look for the right opportunities.

When your out traveling this year, make the Pine Near RV Park one of your destinations - We cant wait to visit with you!